Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What are you ?

I may not get you,
I even don't know if I deserve you.
you seem to be made of something regal,
I feel like a scribbling by someone frugal.

You the wind cruise in all splendor,
appreciation from the storm, destructive in me deep under.
You thrash me hard wicked, cruel angel,
try I did my luck in life, that rare little drizzle.

stop soothing my eyes at all the right places,
quit pinching my sick little heart, fed up of of races.,
cease mocking my existense, leave me atleast the traces.

I am sorry, I really dont know what you are.Leave me alone.hehehehe

1 comment:

ankita said...

these are wonderful lines...but makes me wonder who this dream girl is...try telling these lines on her n if ur feelings r genuine...she is gonna be flattered....one more thing find a tune for this and cut out ur own album....it wud rock...