Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Self photography

This blog post is in no means related to the image in display. The guy in the pic is my friend Ajmal.
Why are some people so in love with their selves? They click pictures them selves and put it up on the web so that people can see their beauty. Not that these people are really worth seeing. The really beautiful girl I know (I don’t know if she knows me) doesn’t have a picture in her orkut album. The display picture is sufficient to attract enough attention to keep her happy for at least now. She is inspired enough to make herself more beautiful so that guys have a tough chore keeping their eyes away from her. She is spoiling the most important year of my life with her attractiveness quotient. Here is this girl that I know who has at least 10 pictures of hers in various poses in her orkut profile. She isn’t very good looking at least to my trained eyes. But she is confident enough to display herself like the beauty queen who endorsed a diamond brand with hair spreads and false smiles. But why is she so particular about her photos. What is her logic? Does she think that the album is meant for that? Or whatever! But if women are so infested with the good looks bug, what is wrong with the men now? I know a guy with sufficient intelligence to make it to big places but has a mind not sufficient to estimate his own looks. He recently joined a revolutionary group at the Y who vowed to get back in shape. He was so overjoyed at his body’s response and treated himself to a self photograph session. I wonder how he did that with his primitive mobile camera. But his hour of vanity gave him one shot which he thought was worth sharing. It is up on his album nowadays. I don’t want to comment on the way he looks. But it just proves that people at the high places are in fact human at the most basic level and need as much attention as a ordinary mortal.
Introspection: If somebody is wondering what kind of a person I am , then ....

i am thinking.

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