Sunday, April 20, 2008


The stupid ass that I am, I didn’t know that good movies such as this one existed. I am talking about “Love actually”. The stupid ass has still not seen the full movie though. He just chanced upon it through the favourite videos section of one of his friends in orkut and saw the Dido song, ‘Here with me’. She actually seems to have some really romantic stuff in her collection. Then I went and checked out the storyline in Wikipedia. This movie seems to be a collection of different stories, most of which didn’t really interest me. This was partly because of the heart warming experience that I had relating to this one particular story involving three characters Juliet, Peter and Mark.

Herewith I am pasting the storyline that I picked up from the Wiki.

“Juliet and Peter are wed in a lovely ceremony videotaped by Mark, Peter's best friend and best man. When the professional wedding video turns out to be dreadful, Juliet shows up at Mark's door in hopes of getting a copy of his footage, despite the fact that he has always been cold and unfriendly to her. The video turns out to consist entirely of close-ups of her, and she realizes that he is secretly in love with her. Mortified, Mark explains that his coldness to her is "a self-preservation thing" and excuses himself. On Christmas Eve, Mark shows up at Juliet and Peter's door posing as a carol singer with a portable CD player, and uses a series of cardboard signs to tell her that "at Christmas you tell the truth", yet, "without hope or agenda... to me, you are perfect." As he leaves, Juliet runs after Mark to give him a kiss and a sweet, sympathetic embrace, before returning to Peter. Mark tells himself, "Enough, enough now," perhaps acknowledging that it's time to move on with his life”.”

I watched this video at 3 in the morning after another frustrating day of failed study attempts. But this video gave me a kind of feel good factor that prompted me to write this blog. The reason for my instant liking to this video is this term ‘self preservation’. This acknowledges a man’s weakness for love and explains his controlled treatment of it that comes through experience and worldly wisdom. It also potrays the man’s confidence in life and strength to accept the truth. He thereby takes an effort to hide his inherent weakness and not lose his own self respect.I recall a quote from the legendary deaf mute icon, Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” This man realises that the lady he loves is his friend’s wife. He loves her and secretly admires her but comes across to her as someone unpleasant so as to hide his real emotions.

Man, this is one awesome plot and touches my heart as I could somehow relate to it. I also was amazed at the use of the words, ‘without a hope or agenda’. Well they were truly depictive of gentlemanly love which is pure, honest, practical and beautiful. I was wondering for a few days now if it is okay to express your appreciation for human beauty. But now I’ve realised that your appreciating it adds more beauty to it and a world of good to our personality for it removes secrecy and falsity in our minds. It is just about speaking our minds and I am doing it nowadays. But the catch of this situation is the strength of a man’s character where he transforms his words, “ enough, enough now” into actions.One must know where to draw the lines and I am sure it is very difficult. But again CHARACTER is the name of the process. I am sure it is possible although difficult.

It is 3:42 here is London and I am supposed to be studying. Never mind. Hats off to the guy who made the movie. It should be awesome. The stupid ass should try and watch it when he gets time.

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