Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh Myself !!!! Where art thee?

Picture: Evangeline Lilly.She is beautiful .Isnt it?
Where is he?Where is the one to whom the world never mattered?Where is the one to whom love never existed?Where is the once unflappable person and his love for materialism?Has his love for inanimate things disappeared from the face of the world?What has gone wrong with his self glorified stubbornness?Where has his unshakeable belief in his own undertnding of all the world around him disappeared?Why is he not focussed on himself and only himself anymore?Why is the worldy opinion suddenly so important for him nowadays?Where is the rustic self belief and hidden confidence hidden now?Why is he suddenly disillusioned by the human relationships around him?Why are humans important to him nowadays?Why has been pretending to have broken up with his old pals,pain and loneliness?Why isnt he genuinely happy anymore?Why is he blind to the simple joys of life?Why isnt he in love with mother nature anymore?Why doesnt he respect and glorify his own self anymore?Why doesnt he push hard for his goals anymore?Why is he being affected by God's worst creations?Why do they continually cheat him and burry him.Why does this vicious circle repeat itself again:Once too many times.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Ohh myself!!Where art thee?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Inanimate in this animate world!

There are many times when I get lost completely in points of time and space .There has been an one off occasion of shouting inside aircrafts and trains followed by deep bouts of embarassment and guilt.This is because of my chronic affinity to slip into some unknown variable in space and time where the vehicle of my life/one in which I am travelling in suddenly crashes into something leading to my crying for life.

In life,on most occasions I imagine that I am on the course of my destination until I am pleasantly awakened to the real direction of my journey which initially remains abstract to my understanding.I am not sure if my fellow travellers feel the same as well.But in the race of life I normally lose track of my direction and suddenly manage to appear from nowhere near the finish line and emerge victorious.Although majority of the human subjects/my competitors don't realise who the Victor is of the race,I am least bothered.I know MY truth.But the success that I boasted is not my own.

I realise it very well that it comes from the ONE above.His grace transcends all limits of human understanding.I can only bow before the inexplicability of his understanding of his creations.He loves those who love HIM.This is my recipe for a successful ,happy and contentful living .It isn't so easy or is it?

I remember the Bajaj Avenger tag line which caught many a youngster's imagination,'Feel like God'.They potray this feeling, by actions of largeheartedness where you forgive people who had left indelible scars on your persona.It also shows the vehicle's suspensions that absorb the shocks offered by the road which leads to a state of trance when you ride it.This formula can be applied for a Godly life by minding our own business even when we have bottlenecks in the way of life.

But I feel that it is the mind that should be turned off from this world when you are racing in life's track.It is difficult to be so unreasonable and illogical to be not bothered about the result. But it is possible if you are confident of winning it anyway.

-What is this combination of blind confidence and focus called?

-Can you focus on anything when you are blind in the mind?

-Is it what is called faith?

-Can this impossibly tough 'being' be compared with the "Feeling like God" thing?

I don't know beacuse I havent succeeded in attaining this lively trance yet.I am still trying hard to be inanimate in this animate world!