Saturday, November 29, 2008


Didnt I know these pleasures of the world,
Until I scraped myself in you and life,
Myself,involved and rigoured.
Needed never I, the warmth of nature,
Until time revealed life, an ugly unfilled caricature.
When life cracks and castles tumble to dusty shacks,
Good Lady! Step onto these sins, chilling and healing,
Your feet will be washed , divine cleansing and delightful singing,
This embracing breeze shall love you always,
When I and the world are, well far far gone.
And you might want to be here,
looking a cure for life, scrape prone..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two lives.

The smile, the grace and the breeze
pain of my heart creeps, an extra lease.
Thy existence, adorned, heavenly, with a smile on
Withstands my shout, inside the glass, you go on.
I ain’t seeing a tither of change, your emotions,
your happy resonance and innocent devotions.
Break, swear, rampage and tear the innocent earth
Curse the glass, open my jaws, self anger, I unearth.
Forget my life, lose myself in grief

I like to believe

Breach it was, wholesome, only for a brief.
Deep within I was calm with His embracing daze
Understood I, the unknown,what is,
Closed my eyes, and see the unseen bliss,