Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strong people.

Some people in this world are strong. They need no emotions, sentiments and know not what these are. They will be born and will stroll along life so blankly that even the coolest of breezes don’t actually make them smile. I am awestruck when I see such individuals and pity myself for not being one of them. The protagonist described here will achieve whatever he wants and digest any stony event with ease. He will never be flustered for anything good or bad and seem to have absolute control over his life. They have limited memory and have only scope to remember events that are essential for life. He is materialistic and his life has no meaning for any other member of his species or any other entity in this world.

Does anyone think this for me?
"And you learn that you really can endure,you really are strong, you really do have worth,and you learn and you learn.With every goodbye, you learn."- Veronica Shoftshall.
I think every hurt mind gains strength to hurt another weak mind to make both minds stronger. The world is full of strong people. Blah blah.
Jayant J.J.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Primrose Hill

I am going through a writer's block and a human's block at the moment. My life is happily floating across the horizon of an epoch with a novel form of excitement that involves directionsless precision.

Bugged by the inactivity of a typical saturday afternoon, I went on a walk to Primrose hill, a small area within the Regent's park. This visit, my second, was inspired by my recent enlightenment that Primrose hill is voted the most romantic picture of geography in London. I did have a happy time there( sadly ) on both occasions with my romantic dates, who happened to be men (My friends Vamsi and Bhaumik).

I am hereby posting a few pics that I thought came out really well. Please appreciate my pessimistic confusion, clearly suggested by my mixture of the dark shades with the reds and the yellows. bssssssssssssss, But I still see beauty. Check out the flower.