Saturday, November 4, 2017

Junior's: let the plant come out..

My mum sent some seeds of flowering plants. One afternoon I got junior along with me to water the plants in the  garden. Junior sees the seeds and gets curious.
"Dad..what are these?"
"Dad..what are they for?"
"Dad..can we plant them now?"
As a result, Junior had her first 'dirtying hands in the garden' experience.
When I am done with the watering, I started back into the home.
"Dad..wait..I want to see it grow.."

Junior's: you have to grow up..

Casual Saturday afternoon:
Junior says," Daddy, you have to grow up".
"What?" I said, perplexed.
" I said you have to grow up to be like mummy".

What does she mean by that? I don't have answers.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Junior's: Let me finish sleeping

When going to bed, wifey took away a small box of biscuits lying by the bedside..Junior stops her and says, " Don't take it, I will eat it after I finish sleeping"..

Junior's: Mr. Henry Ford, Are you listening?

Today evening it rained heavily when we were coming back home in our car from work and daycare. Following a brief narration of her day's activities, Junior had a request.
"I want a new car with wipers in all the windows, all sides.."
I asked her if she has seen a car with wipers all around.
She says, " No, but I want one"

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Junior's: Mam knows best!

Junior wants to become an expert in playing with the basket ball.

I urge her to practice throwing the ball around. She asks me, "two times? three times?

I say, "yes two times...two times is twice and three times is, u must say twice and thrice..."

Junior with a serious angry face, " no daddy, two times is two times, my Mam said"

Junior's: breaking news:: A carrot is stolen..

I was reading the newspaper, lying on the carpet in the living area. Junior comes around, and climbs on me, perching as she continued her cartoon show on TV.

Suddenly curious she asked, " what are you leading?" (Ree is pronounced as Lee)

I said, " news".

She questions, " what does that mean?"

I said, " things which happen outside our home are written, such as if it rains, some buses get delayed, if some guest is visiting someone etc.. do you wanna read too?"

" I don't like to read news..I only like cartoon news..such as when someone's house is broken  or when some one steals a carrot..."


Wednesday, March 16, 2016