Sunday, May 4, 2008


Looking down in deep despair,

hating to close my eyes, avoid the nightmare,

Trying to control the vibrations in my head,

pleading the earth to open up, take me ahead.

I hear the knocks on my windows,

I wonder what more, to me to be endowed.


They were there for me to die for,

Lift me up above thoughts, a place so far,

Where I danced in my thoughts,

Carefree, happy and tied to them in a million knots,

They fell on the earth and played around,

Happiness for me, needn't anymore look around.

Thank you God.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


As I am on a desultory spree,
My mind tries hard to set me free,
What is it that I need to feel?
For God to pay heed and cool my heel.

The wind strikes me on my stroll,
I understand it to be God's knell,
Enjoy I always did the nature's vile.
Decoy it is, take it as God’s smile
Down the road as I go,
Frothing my head in subtle imbroglio,
A deft pain makes me seethe,
I realise the skin of my teeth.

There it is, the answer to all my questions,
Should savour life, clear in all calculations,
Follow my purpose, shout the success,
Adore my God and value the nexus.