Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ruminations: Sometime, Somewhere.

Is Violence Justified?
If sparing the rod means spoiling the son..
where do we draw the line?
How much is enough?


Little Girl Lost said...

Ab-sci, i loved your lines. i personally feel that no amount of violence upon children can be justified. you are physically hurting and even abusing people who are much weaker than you and cannot hit back.
corporal punishment creates a violent society.

V said...

corporal punisment tells the child that the only solution to problems is violence . Physical torture creats adults who belive only in violence rather then love and compassion.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

very very thought provoking.. hmmm.. there isn't any line actually

The abstract scientist said...

@LGL, Vivek and Elth: Thank you very much. Your comments were very insightful.