Sunday, May 3, 2009

The abstract scientist turned 24 on 1st May.

One of my best friends Vivek Khare sent me these pictures from Ambala, on the auspicious day. These are supposedly his gifts.

Thanks dude for the wonderful presents. They are the only ones I got this year.
It is special.


Ri said...

wht's on judy love bunny! u r goin on detour or wht??

n ya wht abt the card i sent u after a lot of selection!!! aur haan main wahaan nahi aayi to kya, tere honour me coffee n chocolate cake banaya.....

Little Girl Lost said...

Jayant's LOVE BUNNY!!
a very happy birthday jayant

V said...

ur welcome buddy!!!..i wouldn't categorize them as ur birthday gifts ..these are just impressions about u which i thought i would express on the auspicious day... Happy birthday buddy !!!! =D

The abstract scientist said...

@V Yeah I know it is very funny!! Thanks bhai! You are the only one who considers me erudite. The employers are finding my eruditeness too abstract.

The abstract scientist said...

@Little girl- Thank you so much !!
@Atreyi: This is bad. May be next time we must meet for some home made cake. Till then, tesco jai ho!

Iceman said...


Belated wishes.