Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flying away!

The angel flew away into the clouds,

The pain in my heart seeps,

abundant emptiness shrouds,earth leaps

I close my eyes and float in the ocean,

An ocean of memories , of a life, moments unlived, unseen

dreamt in heaven, sincerety, emotional elan.

Did I hear that time flies?

My time has been maimed with lies.

I didnt ask you to adorn my life,

Nor could I promise to adorn yours,

My thoughts cramped self,

T'was a request for an expression to praise and marvel,

One that fixed me, taxing in emotional upheaval.

Lost in clouds, are you?

I see you , each moment, rich and anew,

Shant I open my eyes, leave one bit of you nice,

Dreading to let go the pain of you,

curbing strength's rise, seeing darkness as your disguise.


Ri said...

awesome, great poem, has a bit of pain yet there is somewhat a feeling of letting go..
great composition, UK healthcare sure has its affects ;)

Deepika Gupta said...

beautifully written....

ranjieni said...

Awww.. that was a lovely one written gorgeously!