Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Announcement time !!

This post is addressed to all my good old friends who are away from prying distance of me. After so much apprehension, I hereby relent to answer your constant questioning about my love life. With great happiness and pleasure I would like to divulge the details about the love of my life. My sincere self would like to announce the reason for my existense! I am shouting to the world the identity of my every breath! I am drooling to praise God's creative expertise! I know not and wish not to know the extent happiness that I am feeling at the discovery of this angelic soul! The power of love has enabled me to gatecrash diabolical designs of the earthly rulers! I am free! I am in love !Yes, I am dating this girl in the above pictures. I am not going to reveal her identity as we think it is not a good time yet to do that. I clicked all these above pictures. I hope this puts most of the questions to rest.
Post scriptum: Doubting Thomases are welcome to come and visit me in London. Please do not call my parents to verify.
Jayant J.J


Ri said...

awesome, when did u started dating norah..
nice pics u clicked :P

joe said...

Hehehe..Nice to know you r in love for 22nd time....But,does the gal in de pic know this???N BTW I have sent this link to ur dad :-) ,,Tht's least, i could help you..

Chriz said...

ravi verma adika poraaru

P said...

she is beautiful

P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The abstract scientist said...

Oh sorry then, I take my comment back. Thanks for reading my blog.