Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An optimist.

My sister wrote this poem a couple of years ago. I didnt make much of it then. Now I do.
I saw a dream; I am hurt
I knew it was a sham,
Yet I tried to be an optimist,
But it had to struck me,
It was all a sham you shattered me,
I was blind; I saw a dream,
I heard your plosive sound,
Still murmuring in my ears.
You are a tenuous individual to me now,
U can’t break me,
I am efficacious to break the evil strands,
My smile, construe my intelligence,
I am diligent,
My innocence construes my strength,
Will cover the interstice in my life,
Nothing is impermeable,
After all I am an optimist

1 comment:

Ri said...

i never knew reenu's a poet too :)

talented family!