Friday, February 6, 2009

The tulips are (were) dejected.

How my mind wills, if only it was untrue,
My heart yearns, reverse time right through.
You were a heavenly butterfly, brought abundant happiness,
Swaying your way through life defining indefinite finesse.

The memories have dried on my heart so dearly
Of a dash that was that was so lovely, surreal and rosy.
The tulips were happy in the bright life’s sunshine,
The little drought saw a flood, sent crashing one on nine.


Ri said...

why such dejectedness in the month of feb..
the alchemy of desires is workin on u?

honestly a beautiful poem..

Live life like there is no tomorrow..... said...

beautiful poem but y so much pain..n dejection?
write something happy n cheerful..about love...and is bad but its nt even dat bad..n love might be painful but then it is also a whole new world too...with promising dreams....

The abstract scientist said...

I had written it earler, just published it. Now I am normal.