Monday, September 1, 2008

One fine night

In this cold summer night in London at 2.0 AM in the morning, a thought crossed my mind. A random thought arising out of my boredom with foiled sleep attempts by factors dearest. I saw a portion of a park. Some place like Regents park. A wide ground on a full moon day but dark as it is in a park covered with gothic gargantuan trees. In the middle of it was a sleepy mansion surrounded with trees, which I associate with the peace and calm of the south Indian countryside. The weather outside in london tonight has been rather uncharacteristic with moderately heavy winds that sound to me like the coastal winds in the beaches of kanyakumari , my hometown and one of my highly argumentative idea of paradise. There in that cottage I saw light in a couple of rooms. This scenario which I associate with the conventional demand for light for survival. In the middle of the solitude and quietness, I saw no one yet I think I fathom seeing a few figures. A flash of happiness lashed my mind. I felt good. I have the inkling that I have seen this scenario many a number of times. Vaguely in my memory, I can recollect dreaming about it in my childhood.

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