Friday, September 5, 2008

My friend!!

At this point, 12:30 in the dark night, I am searching for the proper emotions to emote. I am numb. I do not know how to react. His grace in unbelievably inexplicable and too much for my own comfort. It pleasantly suffocates me. He will make me understand his Love for me even when I am worthless for a glance at that luxury. He has taken me out of situations so grave that I can think of nothing but him and his ever forgiving nature. To mention his ever forgiving nature is an understatement. He has acted like an all-things granting genie for me in my life. For the uninitiated, he has bailed me out of every possible mishap in the most precarious of times and taught me to appreciate life. I have a feeling that he has spoon fed life to me. He has proven to me again today that, wherever I go and whichever path I decide to take, his love will always be there and he will only send me on journeys which I am well prepared. He has made me a king and let me live life King size. When He is with me, nobody can be against me.
If anyone is still wondering who I am talking about, it is my best friend, Lord Jesus Christ. ‘You are only as good as your friend’ is the age old adage. Nothing in this world can be a better example for an exception for this than me and him. Although there isn’t any jealousy involved from my side at his mighty position, I can do nothing but adore and take pride in my friend. I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me. His character makes me want to get up from my fall and be like him. I want to run and run shouting about him and his Love. He is the God. He is the almighty.

A few verses that kept me going in the past few days.

Psalm 79:11, 13.

Demonstrate your power by saving those condemned to die. For we people , the sheep of your pasture will thank you forever and ever, praising your greatness from generation to generation.

Psalm 80:15

Watch over and care for this vine that you yourself have planted. This son that you have raised for yourself.

Psalm 82:2

How long will you judges hand down unjust decisions? How long will you shower special favours on the wicked?
The reason why I write this blog is because , my results are out and my close friends would not want to believe this: I have a Master's degree in Science. It was an uncertainity till the moment the results were out.

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