Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Modi-fication for an Indian (currently Bangalorean) who loves driving

It was with bated breath that we welcomed a new Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, following his resounding victory in the general elections earlier this year.

A lot has been said about his stature as an able administrator and a change maker, which had been witnessed by his rule in Gujarat.

Although being a novice about Gujarat, having not travelled there, I have heard mixed reviews from various sources about the nature of development there.

My expectation from a new Prime Minister is straightforward, with keys actions sought on issues which led to massive anti-incumbency wave in the UPA rule.

There are many issues which prick me in my life as an Indian citizen (fairly tolerant one at that) such as the inflation (as I see my salary evaporate leaving a little in the due course of a month) and the crimes against women and children in the metros is chilling to read on the media.

Better roads and road safety are other massive issues, in which I have expectations. I find it hard to digest the fact that we paid our hard earned money on road tax, to get such badly constructed roads. I literally end up off-roading (due to the pits and pot holes in the road) everyday on my drive to office which is located in a fancy tech park in the developing corridor of the garden city.  There are no pavements for the pedestrians and they end up walking in the dusty/dirty roads with the risk of being hit from the back by anyone, autos, water tankers, cranes, cement mixers, bikes, cycles etc)… Giggles at the so called development.

Moreover there is no concept of lane driving in this city as anyone is free to use any lane of their free choice. You may find a scooter crawling at 40 k/hr in a lane which is meant to be a 80 k/hr one. Furthermore the cab industry (supporting the IT industry) and it migrant drivers take driving to a whole new level with their driving style (sometimes, I feel I don’t understand their language). It makes me wonder why don’t have sufficient representation at F1.

Imagine landing in a pit in the outer ring road, coasting at 80 k/hr in a road which was otherwise smooth till then. It happened to me as there was no warning sign, neither any cordoning off that section.

The apathy of us Indians to these things is understandable, given our social DNA and lack of travel to anywhere far. People who have travelled abroad to some developed countries will be appalled by the nature of our roads and probably also laugh when we call ourselves a nearly developed country.

As requested, Shri. Modi jee, here is your 60 months. Please bring about the change that you have promised us.

Let us have better roads in India which are built to last a century! Let us drive around the country to explore Mother India’s diversity! Let our heart’s swell with pride looking at the mystic Ladakh and the serene Kashmir! Let us sing praises to God looking at the marvel of Kaniyakumari and the pristine hills of the Western Ghats!

Jai Hind!


Signing off


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