Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doorways to Love and Life.

Image: An abstract piece by me for the story.

She lay there lifeless, inundated with everlasting goodness.

The remains of this draconian raven called Life.

The grey side of human passion,

Her lifeless body.

Her heartbreak with the man had led her to this extreme step of cutting her cord from her milieu followed by this not so engaging world.

Keeping her company in life earlier were a Norfolk Island, an ivory pineapple and an oilcloth plant that were initiated into her life by her love, the man. She nurtured them with a silken approach expecting them to thrive in comfort just like her relationship with the man.

When with them, she narrated fairy tales, explained morals and taught them to dream.

She shared her secrets and let them see her truly in all fullness.

They witnessed her romantic expositions with him and her vulnerabilities during the good times.

They grew up healthy under the aegis of her love and scaled summits with the affection that was nobly meant.

In the days that went by when her mood changed along with her fortune, her inclination to them was extravagant, wishful for similarities.

Her proposition of similar goodness between her man and her friends were apparently miscalculated.

Her black and white variables of life were lying in a quagmire of dreams and their broken pieces.

Tears rolled down her beauty. Her bawls of agony were heard by her friends and echoed with nonchalance.

Yet she nurtured them during the hours of darkness.

Up above in the horizon, she lay, cosily watching the world beneath. She had been gone now for 4 days and her lifeless body was begging to be seen by her milieu.

Her friends seemed lost and sad. They looked like doting shadows trying to be obsequious to their lover and friend. They were wasted and dying.

She shed a tear for her wailing friends. She expected them to come up and join her to reclaim the past.

Her lifeless remains were soon identified and her friends were soon moved from their location.

The undertaker took them away with abundant pity.

They were nourished.

The friends looked up and smiled. The undertaker was charmed by their exuberance and liveliness. He nurtured them.

They thrived.

She saw them forget their past and flourish in their present.

She was shocked in disbelief.

“If only my friends taught me this lesson earlier”.

She had been stupid to end her sojourn so quick. She should have remained on earth and spread life and love to all the other people who loved her.

She should have spread her wings and flown over life if only she correctly saw her priorities.

She could have been a fulsome creation of God if only she realised that her love was not privy to a few brittle humans but many more brittle humans.

Dear Friends,

Let’s Kiss Good Bye to 2009,
It shall be remembered fondly.

Let us now paint 2010 with Love and Life,
Wish you



V Rakesh said...

Through experience comes realization and wisdom! Very well written!

Wishing you a great year ahead!

Tanmaya said...

a nice post... written well... but i could not very clearly get what you were intending to potray...

The Holy Lama said...

She was beautiful... And we will remember her. But the new always attracts more.
A differnt take, nicely put.

ranjieni said...

There is no point turning back with regrets!Well said, buddy! loved ur abstract. Thx for sharing it... :)

Have a great year ahead!

Destiny's child... said...

The personification is many articles about the year that was..but not one like this. :)

A very happy new year to you.

AS said...


wow! yaar..whatta nice story and amazing writing :D

Ria said...

what an interesting start to the new yr. very well written. :)

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful painting. A perfect gift for your readers on New Year. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2010.

Anonymous said...
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Jaggu said...

Good one. Happy new year and welcome to my blog.

Pri said...

if we look back with regret, thats all we will ever see..
the past is something we got to learn from not go back into.
here's wishing u a happy new year ahead :)

Anonymous said...

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R. Ramesh said...

thanks again buddyy:)

R. Ramesh said...

i thank u, u thank my turn..thanks yaa. hehe:)

Sigma said...

Awesome :)