Saturday, March 7, 2009


India has been often plagued by violence among people that is caused by sensitive religious belief of individuals. Every man feels an emotional uproar when the call for war comes to defend his religion and its followers. I have myself felt this surge of emotions many times ‘helplessly’.

The current global scenario of wars is also attributed to the emotions that man attaches to religion. This human weakness is being harnessed by the astute leaders of men to shepherd the world into a way that meets their own instinctive needs. Little do the majority of the men in the world know that the war that they are waging on a mighty enemy is dampening the soil beneath them and is crippling their future. They are innocently blinded and this is occurring because the leaders of men are good at hiding the truth from their flock and guiding them through realms of heavenly fantasies that are really tensile bubbles of uncertainty in hell. They must wake up and demand their right for a fulsome life.

A fulsome life is a gift of God. It is the birth right of every individual in the world cutting across all barriers of continental, racial, economic, mental, health and religious status. I think the solution to all these problems lies in religion itself.

In simple terms, religion must teach us the way to lead our lives in all fullness, bliss and prosperity. For these objectives, religion must be pursued and taught to the highest possible standards and the most rightful manner. Human beings must humble themselves in the pursuit of religious wisdom and seek divine interference for understanding. This experience of complete surrender to the higher power (termed spirituality) will help refining the individual and coalesce him into the causal factors of a fulsome earthly life. Spirituality will lead us to a life in fullness, bliss and prosperity.

There is a gentleman called Dr. APJ Kalam, who will agree with my views on an idea for a better livelihood in India. In his book, “Ignited minds-unleashing the power within India”, he has explained the concept subtly in various parts for various situations. Here are a couple of excerpts from the book where he cites examples when spiritual people have showed the way to a fulsome life.

Excerpt 1: An example of Giving.
“In 1962, Dr. Sarabhai and Dr. Bhabha were looking for a site to establish the space research station in the equatorial region. Thumba in Kerala was found most suitable as it was near the equatorial region and was ideally suited for ionospheric research. The locality was however inhabited by thousands of fishermen living in the villages there. It also had a beautiful church called St. Mary Magdalene church and the Bishop’s house. As such the acquisition of the land did not move any further.

Dr. Sarabhai met the bishop, His Excellency Rev. Dr. Peter Bernard Pereira on a Saturday and requested transfer of property. The bishop smiled and asked him to meet him the next day. In the Sunday morning service the bishop told the congregation, ‘My children, I have a famous scientist with me who wants our church and the place that I live for space science and research. Science seeks truth that enriches life. The higher level of religion is spirituality. The spiritual leaders seek the help of the almighty to bring peace to human minds. In short what Vikram is doing and what I am doing are the same- Both science and spirituality seeks Almighty’s blessings for human prosperity in mind and body. Children can we give them god’s abode for a scientific mission? There was silence for a while followed by a hearty ‘Amen’ from the congregation which made the whole church reverberate.”

Excerpt 2: An example of companionship.
“News reached me that a Maulvi of a very famous 300 year old mosque was waiting in the mutt to take me to the mosque. The swamiji suggested that I visit the mosque.At this instance I remembered an incident in Paramacharya’s time, a decade ago, as told by the former president, R. Venkatraman. Mr. Venkatraman showed me the mosque very close to the Kanchi mutt. A few years ago, the mosque jayamath and the district authorities decided to relocate the mosque to some other suitable place as its present location was inconvenient both for the mutt and mosque. As a large number of people visit the historic mosque and there are huge gatherings at the mutt too, the traffic was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The mutt would rebuild the mosque in its new location. Somehow this message reached the Paramacharya. He vehemently opposed the whole idea. He said, ‘In fact at 4:30 am, the call for namaz comes from the mosque, it acts as a wake up call for my divine duties.’ And also for many other reasons he was opposed to the relocation of the mosque. He made it clear to both the district authorities and the mutt. The Paramacharya went into mouna viradham-deep silence. Finally shifting of the mosque was stopped.”
These examples do suggest that people from different religions can coexist in their pursuit for a fulsome life. Spirituality is the answer. Religious texts should be read thoroughly by every individual after seeking divine help for understanding through prayers.

I have decided to read my religious text, The Bible. I will read it over and over again praying to God that every time I do, I can get better in my understanding of my life and its role in this world.

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