Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God's child.

Oh lady,
Heavenly breeze, creation glorious,
Thy beauty and wisdom captivate the ingenuous,
All existence looks on as you go past,
You must be certainly blessed, you must.
Thy sight I gaze at, everywhere, at all space,
My reason, mind and the unreasonable solace.
Cross not with my self, for thine majestic sake,
Thine sensuality and sinful play, I pray, not are fake.
God’s children are watched over, well kempt,
Thou shalt be one, or may not be, inept.
My sight and existence is not mine,
Driven around in a journey, most wonderful and divine.
Thou interruptions shall take shape,
On thy goodness alone, whilst I remain in a blissful agape.
The worldly canter on, beautiful and ugly,
God’s children will walk on insulant; Blessed and Princely


Live life like there is no tomorrow..... said...

dude u gotta temme what do u eat to have an imagination so vivid..i have no words...its fab...
haan waise i shud tell u dude..u wasted ur poem here..u shud have dedicated it to ur Ms perfect when u found her... beautiful piece of work...
blog more often...

V said...
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V said...

and its "DOCTOR"..baaaaa

Jayant Judilson said...

Thank you khare saaab, I am happy to be Dr. Jayant Judilson.

Nandini said...

I think you are quite a poet yourself!! I like this one of yours