Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The leaf with wings.

As I float on air,

Carried on by my wings and the Wind,

Yearning to float on my own will,

Guided by the wind, cease as it never will.

Happened to kiss a few raindrops,(unintentionally),

(Now)waiting for them, expectations, all the sops,

Sometimes I anticipated,

Only to be reminded of the misunderstood.

I was desperate, Desolate and distraught,

The timing was hardly immaculate,

Realised the power of the Wind,

someone who is mighty, omniscient and overly kind.

Told myself to land sometimes,

Took off again, jealous were all other subjects,

There were many other leaves in the air,

Most flew , wanting to fly higher.

Raindrops splattered on them, didnt they bother,

They beat the wind, or so does it occur,

Few did fly, drop laden and glisten,

My flight is a bliss, a lot to sing and listen.

Know I don't of my flight,

Swift, plain, magnificient, and light,

Know I not my direction,

Peaceful, tranquil, blissful and everything in connection,

I fly on, for the raindrops and the Wind,

Glisten will I all along, thanks and praise in mind.

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Live life like there is no tomorrow..... said...

hmm..this one goes on a very profound note...seems like u have been thinking and re-exploring urself and ur surroundings a lot lately...its simply beautiful...
post a little more often dude...